How To Correctly Upload to YouTube – 2019

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Hey everyone!

Uploading a video can be easy. You just hit that “upload” button, right? Well, what if you want to do more. What if you want to get found in search? Or make your video watchable by people who don’t speak English? Or add your social media links? What if you want more control over the process, so you know exactly what is being uploaded.

In this video, I take you through my process of uploading a video. There are more steps than what I’ve shown you here, but this is the main gist of things. Other elements require a different video.

I also cover a few extra helpful points:

  • What does Unlisted video mean?
  • What does Scheduled video mean?
  • What is SEO on YouTube?
  • How can you make your video appear in search on YouTube?
  • And a whole lot more!

Here is a link to Tube Buddy (it’s free!):

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And if you want more content like this, tell me that too.

Take care, and stay ambitious, Xx Jess

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